Future Educational Materials

“Pedagogy is more than the art of teaching…a frame that serves as a guide to action by including a theory of change. has the explicit goal of helping participants learn, reflect, and act. Critical pedagogy is humanizing; it strives to teach participants to understand structures of oppression, understand practices of freedom and enact them in order to transform the world.” (thesis..)

*values of popular education here…

Educational modules are designed for community classrooms, local organizations, K12 and university classrooms. Our Teaching Partners are based in the community, each with a focus on:

-the intersections of migrant and climate justice, displacement

-educate, inspire, and transform communities

-on-the-ground interventions to climate change that hold local and global significance.


identifying, collectively combatting, and reimagining climate change through practices of ecological and community sustainability

“It feels like everyone’s waiting for a technological solution that will be our golden bullet, and that young people’s ideas are dismissed as being too simplistic,” said Rita Issa. “And yet I think it’s the simplest ideas that are often those most likely to work: consume less, make it economically attractive to take the less polluting options, reparations and adaptation support for countries most at risk, and support a return to community and interdependency in opposition to highly individualistic and isolated societies, particularly in the global north,” she added. Young Climate Justice Activists Are Fighting For Our Collective Survival (forbes.com)

Teaching Partners

Adela C. Licona
The Art of Change

Grace Gamez, ReFraming Justice

Dr. Grace Gámez founded Reframing Justice, an advocacy program in Arizona for people impacted by mass criminalization and incarceration. Through leadership workshops, multimedia storytelling, coalition building, and community participatory research- Dr. Gámez worked to position directly impacted people to lead anti-criminalization movement work in Arizona. ReFraming Justice focused on shifting the public imagination away from models rooted in punishment towards ones that embrace radical community-making and healing. Dr. Gámez’s recently released research, The Barrio Centro Community Safety Participatory Research Project, informed the City of Tucson’s research on safety and investments that would improve community wellbeing.

Grace is a mother, partner, embodied leader, mobilizer, researcher, storyteller and freedom dreamer. She values wholeheartedness, complexity, accountability over punishment and brave visioning.

She is a 2021 Windcall Resident, member of RTI’s APPR Advisory Board, and 2018 Lead with Conviction fellow with JustLeadershipUSA. Grace holds a Ph.D. in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, and a Master of Science degree in Mexican American Studies & Public Health from the University of Arizona.

Ann Shivers-McNair
Design Justice, University of Arizona

Ann Shivers-McNair (she/her) is an associate professor and director of professional and technical writing in the English Department and affiliated faculty in the School of Information at the University of Arizona. Her research and teaching focus on equity-centered and justice-focused approaches to co-design.

Ren Manning

Karen Caldwell
Primavera Foundation

Karen Caldwell is the Director of Workforce Development for the Primavera Foundation in Tucson, Arizona. She oversees Primavera Works, a social enterprise which offers homeless and low-income workers an alternative to day labor halls. Primavera Works provides temporary employment and permanent job search assistance. She was born and raised in Tucson, and graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS degree in Sociology. She has worked at the Primavera Foundation for 24 years.

  • Tierra Madre, Sunland Park, NM – sustainable development and collective
  • Women’s Intercultural Center, Anthony, NM – serves women of Mesilla Valley – ESL and cooperative Mujeres Unidas to share skills of carpentry, sewing, micro-enterprise, and cooking. Focus is economic self-sufficiency.
  • Colonia Anapra/Tonatizn